1. Tuesday, August 23, Western NM Title Company says all paperwork is ready and scheduled closing for Thursday, August 25, 4:30.
  2. Realtor Paul Richardson called at 4 pm, August 25 to say the paperwork is NOT ready, and closing might be delayed for as much as a week.  PROBLEMS :  Four utility cut-offs, mail forward, hired help arriving, U-Haul rented, hired help from out of state arrived and his truck returned without him, and he can’t remain a week.
  3. After canceling everything, but only postponing the U-Haul (the woman insisted), and completely stumped about how to get my helper back to Arizona, the realtor emailed (didn’t call) at 9:55 the next morning to say the paperwork came in and closing will be at 10 or 10:30 – with buyer (he says) refusing to return unless I sign within 30 minutes.  PROBLEMS:  I have no hired help, and the U-Haul (and ALL the similar-sized trucks in town) were mysteriously all rented overnight, the U-Haul woman seemed baffled and in a state of shock, as though something happened she couldn’t explain – though I still see “my” truck parked there.  I consider all my options, including my hired help’s need to return home, and close.
  4. I rent a U-Haul from Deming and make the three-hour, 120-mile drive to get it.
  5. Other hired help is found, but can’t work as many hours, so my friend from out of state will do heavy lifting, much of it alone, for 16 hours straight.
  6. No time to cancel the utilities (which are only read on weekdays anyway) (and the buyer who promises to do it, doesn’t) until Monday, but they won’t be read till days later, so I pay (minor detail) for many extra days of utilities.
  7. The title company says they’ll deposit my check (in the credit union right across the street) for me as soon as they get it.  But they don’t get “authorization” to cash it until Monday, and then their office is “closed for training” Monday-Wednesday, so they won’t deposit it until Thursday – almost a week’s delay.  It’s Thursday, they’re acting illegally, and I’m still waiting.

This could be seen as gross incompetence, but my realtor’s behavior was actually worse than all this.  (Anyone who wants to see the email trail, I’ll be happy to share it.)  At closing (which he did not attend), when we needed to write an amendment to change the date by which I’d be out of the house, the closing officer told me the realtor said, “He didn’t want to do that.”

As a “targeted individual” – someone who’s regularly subjected to all forms of harassment, from electronic weapons-testing (on mind and body) to break-ins to my home, Tasering in the night, etc – I recognize this string of bizarre and unprofessional behavior as “organized stalking.”

The people involved are not necessarily people involved directly with the CIA or Satanist or Mormon Church or otherwise in my lineage network (though some may be on payroll or membership); they may just be former frat boys who promised to be loyal and do what the fraternity told them.  Their connection?  They’re all in one big criminal network, and often they are called on to cooperate with something they may not even understand.  Anyone not in the system is totally unaware of it.

Like in the old film, “Brotherhood of the Bell,” one day, a man gets a call and is required to do some shit against someone he really doesn’t want to hurt, but he has to.  It’s the price of having the fraternity support him in all his professional endeavors – giving them all those 5-star ratings and sending him plum referrals for his business, making him successful, and dependent on the devil.  He knows that if he doesn’t do what he’s asked, the same dirty tricks will be played against him.

I was promised all this – and threatened with all this – when I was sucked into the “Greek system” as an 18-year old child – and deactivated as soon as I could, despite the dire warning of terrible repercussions.  Now, having also become an activist against major corporations, and having also been a mind control subject as a child, speaking up, I’m living the repercussions.