photo credit: Tyler Bingham

photo credit: Tyler Bingham

“Beautiful duet harmonies!”

“Thanks for the music and joy….”


“People who bring more light into the world.”

~ Thanks!  

Singing was a fun distraction, but there was never enough time to accomplish what is most important to me.  So I’ve quit singing, and it feels right to do other things now.


GnJ at Cranes

From 2011 – 2015, I performed in a folk-rock duo with Greg Renfro, as Greg and Jean and Rising River, performing his original folk music, and favorite folk, rock, and country-folk covers – and two songs we co-wrote, “Lying Here with You,” (3rd on the page) and “On the Patio with You.”

120714 Guthriecr 030

photo credit: Bruce Bloy

In our last year of performing, I put together a set of “Cosmic Folk-Rock” covers by Jackson Browne, Neil Young, Bob Dylan and others which speak to the Mysteries of Life as well as our “apocalyptic” (literally:  revealing) times and tied them together with my personal introductions on the mystery of our multi-dimensional cosmos.


Southern Rocky Mountain Band

We also began working with some wonderful musicians as the Southern Rocky Mountain Band, debuting at the Pinos Altos Opera House for the Wild and Scenic River Festival, with  Jeff Ray and Tom Romancik in 2014.


RRSB cc 1 crop

photo credit: Ruth Giegerich

In 2012, Greg and I joined with folk music researcher Tom Naples as the Rising River String Band to perform for Woody Guthrie’s 100th Birthday Celebration, and after that performances of other Dust Bowl and Depression music by unknown or little-known authors.  We performed around southern Arizona and New Mexico.


I also want to thank the other musicians who invited me to perform with them:  Joe Kryzanowsky and Ed Teja, for whom I recorded a few of his originals on his Soft Dreaming Blues.

Audio and video recordings here.

1 thought on “Performance”

  1. I dabble myself with guitar at home. I notice when I strum the chords, birds flying around outside start singing harmonies and I realise that music can be a bridge to nature. I sent you couple of Mp3 songs I made up. If you feel daring have a listen and time tell me what you think of them.


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