Presenting to large and small groups, radio and television, Eisenhower, an award-winning broadcast journalist, was a regular speaker on subjects of mind control, aliens, and activism locally and nationally between 2008 and 2011.

I Was OneIn late 2011, after she published a 3-minute video which went modestly viral for a couple of weeks, her video numbers began reversing, and Eisenhower became the subject of intense “targeting,” regularly incapacitated with Taser burns appearing on her body overnight, along with scoop marks, injection bruises, burns, lacerations, implants, electronic harassment, and extreme exhaustion.

Seven years on a roller coaster of debilitation and recovery, Eisenhower negotiated in vain with mysterious forces, withdrawing from public speaking, but ultimately accepting that her silence would not lessen the targeting, so she has returned to the public scene, ready to speak out again.

Links to video presentations:

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