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The “Bird Nest Bag” is my first major piece since changing my life direction back to art.

It was knitted of Peruvian “Eco-wool” – un-dyed, natural wool which I boiled to “felt” it. Felting, and especially boiling, shrinks and binds the individual fibers together, making the knitted fabric very tight and strong.

At the same time, I moth-proofed it with peppermint and lavender oils and fresh rosemary sprigs in the water.  The contrasting fringe, also felted in the process, is wool hand-spun by a friend.


Small crocheted bowls of natural, hand-spun wool

This morning the “Bird Nest Bag” and other pieces were juried into The Common Thread, the retail gallery of the Southwest New Mexico Fiber Arts Collective in Silver City.

More of my artwork is on this site here:  https://jeaneisenhower.com/artist/


You might have noticed I’ve moved my “activist” work to the “previous” category, and singing also.  Both of these wonderful activities have for too long been part of what I’ve jokingly called “too many inspirations,” but it wasn’t a good joke, as it had become much too much, even debilitating – so I quit!  And I’m happier now.

I look forward to posting more artwork here soon.