Real Estate Agent

realtorjeankickFrom 1996-1999, built a real estate business, counseling clients on the environmental design aspects of their homes.  Also specialized in helping sellers stage their homes, marketing, and helping buyers imagine potential in undervalued homes.  Loved the blend of counseling, marketing, management, and law.

In third and final year, closed $4.9 Million in annual sales (33 homes), and was voted “Realtor of the Year” for “exemplifying professionalism and ethics” by my 45 office colleagues at McGinnis Better Homes and Gardens in Colorado Springs.  Taught in-house courses in organizational skills and marketing.

Just before leaving the industry, was offered the management of the franchise’s cornerstone office, overseeing 65 agents and $80-100 Million in contracts per year.  Declined, to follow through on plans to return to my hermitage in Arizona.


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