Activism against girl’s dress code (remember? girls must wear skirts, no pants), 1969

First peace and anti-nuclear march with “radical Christians,” 1977

Produced Cincinnati Peace Coalition’s newsletter, organized first Cincinnati Peace Conference, organized “Teachers’ Teaching Peace” workshops, created parish children’s clothing exchange, hosted third-world crafts party, started World Peacemakers local group, 1979-80

KXCI Community Radio volunteer, 1983

Roskruge Elementary School recycled paper fundraiser with professional performer-humorist and performance of “The Lorax.”  Petitioned City of Tucson to conduct a recycling-willingness trial in our neighborhood, 1983?

Spearheaded fight to save Roskruge Elementary School from closure.  School was renovated, conserving the strong multi-generational neighborhood, 1984?

Spearheaded the fight to stop UT Commons, the 14-story college student apartment tower intended for our 2-story residential neighborhood; TV and radio interviews; succeeded, 1985?

Organized for Coalition to Preserve Mount Graham, uniting environmental and Native American rights activists internationally.  Traveled to DC with members of San Carlos Apache Tribe to petition Congress.  Produced events for numerous musician-activists touring for environmental causes; acted as local spokesperson at numerous events and on radio.  Was arrested for civil disobedience; spent 1 night in jail; at trial, found guilty of a misdemeanor – for locking my neck to the front axel of a roadgrader, stopping progress on the project for a day, ultimately decreasing the project size 80%, 1986-1992.

Co-organized first local Permaculture group; hosted workshops, taught workshops, launched a successful international trade journal Permaculture Drylands Journal, brought Bill Molison, founder of the concept, to the United States for a design conference; became a certified Permaculture designer, interviewed Bill Molison for radio, published interview in a special edition of Permaculture Drylands Journal. 1989-92.

Produced events for musician-activists raising awareness about the car-bombing of Judi Bari; wrote editorial, interviewed Judi.  1990-92, 2000.  In 2002, co-managed media relations for the Judi Bari v FBI federal trial; FBI found guilty on all charges related to, but not including, the car bomb assassination attempt on her life.  (Most people watching the trial were convinced that the feds were also responsible for the bombing, though that question was not allowed at the trial.)  Was subjected to electronic harassment for the first time during the trial, and it continues today, 2019.

Published Rattlesnake Fire: a memoir of extra-dimensional experience, called “important history,” with a Foreword by pioneering psychologist Ralph Metzner, 2008; radio and television interviews about mind control and aliens, 2008-10; created Paradigm Salon, a series of movie and discussion events focused on UFOs, aliens, altered states of consciousness, language and perception, and mind control 2008-10; produced I was One, a 3-minute video about my book, exposing my mind control (which went viral for two weeks, into the thousands, and then the numbers began reversing and have ever since!); blogsite at, You Tube channel, car bomb fbiParadigmSalonVideo (no s).