Video & Radio

Video Production

Film and video production studied as part of Media Arts degree from University of Arizona, Tucson.  In 2010, trained on industry-standard Final Cut Pro, though recent work has used the simpler iMovie.

panic is on video still

In 2012, the Rising River String Band’s performance of “The Panic is On: Songs and Stories of the Great Depression” was recorded with a single camera, edited and produced with iMovie, and has been well-received by viewers of local cable television.   The title song “The Panic is On,” by Hezekiah Jenkins is here.

In 2011, used Final Cut Pro again to edit a stationary, single-take video into a music video of Greg Renfro and myself singing Neil Young’s “Like a Hurricane.”

In 2009, used Final Cut Pro to produce a 3-minute video titled “I Was One,” which went viral with thousands of hits in its first couple of weeks.

(Sometimes the view count on YouTube has run backward, inclining me to believe my site is being sabotaged to keep it from being discovered because of the controversial subject matter.)

In 1989, for the United Way, produced a video credited with inspiring the Federal Campaign in southern Arizona (United Way’s client) to record-breaking giving – in the nation.  Because this project followed the scandal of the national United Way CEO’s arrest for embezzling, every region in the nation experienced a decrease in giving – except the region of southern Arizona – again, credited to this video.

In 1988, produced “The Life of Nell Petersen Tanner Shumway,” written by my mother about her mother’s life.

In 1987, wrote and directed “When Home is Where the Hurt is,” a 30-second public service announcement for local television stations about domestic violence resources.

In 1984, shared a First Place Award in the First Annual Tucson Community Cable Corporation’s video awards for a rock video titled “Hard-Boiled.”

In 1982-3, produced numerous five- to six-minute television news features as an intern at KUAT-TV, an affiliate of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in Tucson, Arizona, 1983.

Radio Production

spooks stillIn 2002, produced this piece for Halloween night, titled “Spooks,” concerning federal agents – sometimes called “spooks,” for airing on the “Slightly Off-Center” radio show on KXCI Community Radio in Tucson, AZ.

In 1983, as a first-year intern at NPR-affiliate KUAT-Radio in Tucson, AZ, was awarded a First Place Award by United Press International (UPI) Arizona-Utah Region for Best Radio Feature, for a story about the rights of children versus the rights of parents enrolling their children in a new, very strict Christian elementary school.



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