Shortly after I moved from my home, someone told me to check out this site, and I finally got around to it today:

TI 101 banner.png  *

I have tried not to talk about this to too many people, which is what the article recommends, but maybe I should have.  Hiding, being secretive, is difficult and isolating.  Which makes it all feel worse.  But I think I did the extreme and told almost no one.

Another recommendation is to never let the harassers drive you from your home.  Too late.  Not only did I get driven away, but manipulated to sell my home for way too little.

And just as they warn, now I’m nearly penniless and close to homeless, but not exactly.  I’m enjoying a lot about my new situation.

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, check the link above.

The little I’ve shared about this on this site includes this one about the realtor who made my life hell:

and this one covering my entire my life:

and there are a few others.


* Re the link at top:  I don’t agree with the author’s last three points, in particular that TI’s waste time feeling sorry for themselves.  My biggest time waste is recovering from the attacks, physically and mentally.  We’re  wasting time doctoring and nursing ourselves back to health in a world that doesn’t want to hear about it.

I also don’t believe Tis are depending on law enforcement.  I assume we don’t trust they aren’t in on it.

And I don’t believe anyone should feel responsible to make the reports and go public for the cause.  I have, to a limited extent, and I’ve paid a heavy price for it.  People should only do what they feel they should.

Peace, Everyone ~