Author, Artist, Activist

solar cook b     Smithsonian 96B1FA64-F68F-4794-BFF5-20BA1B376CD5rf-2nd-ed-front-cover-20

Author of books, radio features, trade journals, and promotional materials

Artist in fabrics, fiber, paint, beads, architecture, gardens, and natural plaster sculpture

Activist for peace, environment, social justice, and against mind control and targeting individuals

Consultant to non-profit arts, environmental, and social justice organizations

Mind control subject and Targeted Individual

4 thoughts on “Author, Artist, Activist”

  1. jacobwaltz said:

    Hello Jean Eisenhower. This is Doug Elam. We met in Payson at the Mexican food joint. We shared some really great conversation which truly stimulated my mind and affected me deeply. I must say you are one of the most interesting people I have met in a long time. I hope you try the Meditation exercise. I hope to speak with you again, if you stay around the Rim Country for awhile. Maybe we could chat over lunch again? Please respond, I want to know how you are. Doug

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  2. Vira Zirks said:

    hello . i was greatly perturbed by your article on “parasitic worms” as it EERILY matched my own experiences. I had never head of “mind control” before (unless this is just the more correct term for what we simply call “em kay ultra type nonsense”) please help us . it is a matter of some urgency , as u probably understand . we are vira Zirka on Twitter . we have sent the body of this message as an email . most oddly , we appear to livw very close to you. please help us in any way you can this is a matter of some urgency , as u can probably imagine. thank you , hope our message finds you well . — Vi

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  3. Hi Vi,

    So sorry to hear your distress.

    Yes I was referring to em Kay ultra, not nonsense.

    Did not receive any email from you. Don’t know why.

    I don’t know that there is anything I can do for you, as I often am barely keeping my own life together. But please look for the blogs on my site the deal with healing. There are a few in here, and when I have time I will look for them and add them here. Maybe if you find some you find helpful, you can add them to the comments also. That would help others.

    I am beginning to treat this horror as if it was simply a spiritual challenge that would help me develop spiritual skills in the multi-dimensional world. With that, I have re-organized my life to give me the time and space for spiritual work, and I am doing much much better.

    I hope to write about it soon.


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