1 thought on “Author, Artist, Consultant”

  1. Amazing Jean. Thank you for sharing. Our stories are nearly identical. I am a recovered MK-Ultra mind-control and sex slave victim. I also wrote a book about my torturous journey and recovery, EMERGING FROM THE MATRIX, and am now helping other mind-control victims that are still to wake up. We are at the cusp of this massive global awakening about mind-control, govt interference, ETs, etc. so big that everyone will be shocked. I am ready to heal the people who are awakening and have created a program of de-programming for all those who are ready. I also know your relative, Laura Eisenhower. You ladies are beautiful and amazing. Much love and gratitude to you. I would also love to interview you for my TV show, Beyond The Matrix @ Naturally Better TV. Please contact me @ emergingfromthematrix@gmail.com for details.


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