Author, Speaker, Consultant

Mind Control, Shamanism, and our Future: What are the connections between mind control and shamanism, and what do they teach us about our future?

Both shamanism and mind control involve altered states of consciousness, which are often traumatically-induced, and often result in dissociation and multiple personalities, sometimes insanity, and almost always unusual skills valuable to the community or those in power.

Differences between mind control and shamanism teach us a great deal about the current state of our world and where we could be heading.

Personal lifetime experiences as a mind control subject and shamanic initiate are given context by ancient mystical practices around the globe and contemporary history of American experimentation on the human mind.

Ralph Metzner, Ph. D., psychologist and professor emeritus, California Institute of Integral Studies, writes “Jean Eisenhower brings the fierce intelligence of a spiritual warrior to her quest,” and praises her memoir for “point[ing] us to these encouraging possibilities… of expanded cosmic consciousness.”

Presentations to large and small groups, individual consulting, and pastoral counseling.


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