Transpersonal Hypnotherapist ™

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy ™ considers not only one’s history, mind, and emotions, but also the spirit and soul of a person.

I was certified in this healing work in 2009.  Even though my initial work was successful, I chose to quit advertising and wait for further guidance.

I am keenly aware that the practice of hypnotherapy is often done under some questionable assumptions, primarily that “no one can be hypnotized against their will,” which I know for a fact to be untrue, though it is parroted by a vast majority of practitioners.

Today, I’m happy to teach others self-hypnotherapy.


2 thoughts on “Transpersonal Hypnotherapist ™”

  1. Angelia Riggs said:

    Greetings Jean,

    I felt it necessary to write you, after I was lead to your book, by what one could call to many “coincidences”. Seriously, It would be a whole other letter written just to cover the ridiculous number of synchronicities leading up to me even finding your book.
    However, to keep this reasonably short I will just refer to the ones that are more relevant.
    So one morning while out gardening in the yard, there was a small fire that seemed to have broken out close to my neighborhood, I got multiple calls warning me of this gnarly fire. ( which I never felt a fear of) Continuing on with my day trying to live in the present ( again the events leading up to this are so in sync) I left my house and decided to hit up the local thrift shop for any fun old disco records. All of a sudden in this quite store, this women comes running out from the back of the store yelling ” Rattlesnake, Rattlesnake, there is a rattlesnake in the bathroom!” I sorta laughed to myself, thinking well I’m new to this state so this could possibly be normal. As soon as my eyes glanced down, hand on book, I simultaneously saw Rattlesnake Fire, as I am hearing this woman yell “Rattlesnake”. Me, being very openminded and aware of spirit guides showing me signs, I knew after the fire that morning, now this, I Quickly and instantly grabbed the book as if this was a letter written just for me, that I had been waiting for by the front door all week.

    I went home and spent the rest of my day off work glued to this book. I caught myself highlighting all the random events and life situations that where if not exactly identical to mine, they where pretty stinking close. My thoughts where right, this indeed seemed like a letter written just for me. The similarities are enough for me to try some attempt to reach out and contact you.

    My Wife and I have just recently moved to Edgewood, NM from Austin, TX. I noticed you are not to far from us in Silver City. Do you still offer Transpersonal Hypnotherapy to new patients? I would love to experience this, as well as hear your knowledge and views of this incredible multiverse.

    Angelia Jean


    • Hi Angelia, I thought I replied to you, but now it appears that I haven’t. I’d love to meet with you, but we have two challenges. I no longer live in Silver City, but have returned to Tucson. And I am between homes, having lost my trailer home in a freak interstate highway accident, and am now recovering from a whiplash and concussion, while managing a lot of documentation and moving from temporary home to temporary home! Not fun. If you like, we could correspond by email.


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