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All photographs copyright, of course.

house on 6thA fire in the Gila Wilderness caused the wonderful sky in these two photos, Silver City, New Mexico, May 23, 2012.

north fr 6th

angel bird crop

Hummingbird, June 2014, hovering by the trumpet creeper.  ready to plung crop

plunging crop

faerie emerged


Dragonfly just emerged from its chrysalis, August 2014.


open wings2

Just before it took off.  The entire birth/transformation process took place in less than an hour.  I photographed this just a few days before a friend passed away.  We had the honor of assisting him in his passing, and learned later that the dragonfly was his totem.


Cherry Creek trail, Gila Wilderness, 2012.


Cherry Creek trail, 2012.

snow on bridge copy

Market Street bridge between Visitors Center and Bullard Street, Silver City, New Mexico, January 3, 2015.

san vicente creek

The San Vicente Creek, Silver City, New Mexico, February 2014.

Kelly and BlackDerelict house, Silver City, New Mexico, 2012.

lizards cu

Desiccated lizards, November 2014.

Peaches portrait“Peaches in the garden,” May 2014.

cu chickens on roof

“Minerva, Goldie, and Polly,” 2014, on their roof, overlooking the fence under the apricot tree.


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