Over the course of my wandering life, I’ve taken on major management projects, including a five-state regional Peace conference and fundraising to purchase a building, all promoting non-profit, social change organizations.

I’ve also managed and/or built multi-million dollar businesses.

And for  seven years I was a hermit in the desert, where I began to experience mystical events, was initiated into the shamanic world (“ready or not”), and discovered I have long been a mind control subject – able to focus my mind for genius-level work, but also struggling as a subject of on-going experiments that are done while I’m amnesic.

Here are some links to these other aspects of my life and work:


Community Relations Consultant

Business Manager

Real estate agent

Desert Hermit

Shamanic Initiate

Mind Control Subject

Minister – “sort of”

Transpersonal Hypnotherapist ™



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