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Sorry to report I’m having heart problems again, so haven’t been out and about much.

But I’m still able to crochet and knit!  

So I thought I’d share some of my latest creations, “big” (only 6″ tall, but took many hours to create) and little:

The Gnome Bag,” of Peruvian “eco-wool,” un-dyed, natural brown wool, knitted, with roll top, tassels, and button-loop closure. Felted for strength.  6″ tall.



Micro-crocheted cotton medicine bag, 4″ long with 24″ loop, on card with a soft moss-green 100% recycled-paper gift envelope.


Star-pattern crochet of locally hand-spun wool – a bracelet, bookmark, or tie, on a card with a moss-green 100% recycled-paper gift envelope.

All items are at The Common Thread gallery in Silver City.  

More of my work is at “It Takes a Village,” also in Silver City.

And I have journals with my “Waveform Heptagon Mandala” art at Guadalupe’s, also in Silver City (open Thursdays-Saturdays).  On the reverse is interesting information about the mathematics and esoterica of the number 7 (heptagons are 7-sided).

mandala waveform

All stores are in the lovely historic downtown Silver City  arts district.  

Proud to be back!