Certified in Permaculture design in 1989, I combine those values of interconnectedness, resource savings, self-sufficiency, and so much more with intuitive feng shui, years of successful real estate consulting, and a lifetime of art and design work, to create spaces that are functional, efficient, productive, unique to your needs and constraints, and beautiful.

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shady terraces crop

This lot was carved out of solid granite that grew little more than weeds.  Today, it supports six fruit trees, grapes, herbs, and vegetable gardens surrounding a small, water-harvesting patio.

This smallest of urban lots (1/10th acre) also supports chickens, a summer soaking pool, summer and winter patios, party space with a fireplace, a garden sink with storage, clothes drying, food drying, wildlife water, a fountain, and passive solar gain for the house, the guest house, and even the chicken house.

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