Southern Rocky Mountain Band

120810-charlesgreg-020cr“A wonderful singer-songwriter!” — the “legendary” Bill Hearn

“Great songs…really beautiful!award-winning Texas songwriter Terry Hendrix

Greg Renfro, singer-songwriter, has performed folk, rock, blues, and country – Americana – for over 40 years.

He plays guitar, 12-string guitar, bass guitar, and harmonica, and has performed at folk music festivals and concerts around the Southwest and Midwest.  

His original music has been recorded on seven albums, two of his own and five compilations.  

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Jean smiling croppedJean Ann, vocalist, has been singing in a duo with Greg (“Greg and Jean”) since 2009.  She has also collaborated with other local musicians and recorded vocals for Ed Teja’s Brazil BluesShe has also been recorded on two compilation albums,  The Best of Silver City Live! and Wild Gila:  Forever Free.

The “Rising River String Band” was a one-year collaboration with Greg Renfro and Tom Naples, to perform Woody Guthrie’s 100th Birthday Celebration and other historic music concerts in 2012-13.  Two private albums resulted, including a DVD, The Panic is On:  Songs and Stories of the Dustbowl and Great Depression.

In 2013, Jean began co-writing songs with Greg.  Their first, “Lying Here with You,” recently received kudos from award-winning Texas songwriter (and wonderful lyricist) Terri Hendrix:  “really beautiful!  Love the harmonies and the beauty in the song!”  “On the Patio with You” was recorded by Greg in 2017.

jeff rayJeff “Santa Rita Slim” Ray began playing bass and guitar in his youth when he was invited to play with the Grant County, New Mexico, “Delk Family Band” (then known as “The Gully Jumpers”) who provided traditional country based dance music at halls throughout the region.

In the mid ‘80’s, along with guitarist and songwriter Howie Miller, Jeff was a founding member of the Silver City, New Mexico area roots rock band “Sleep ‘Til Noon,” when he began writing songs.

After moving to Eugene, Oregon in the early ‘90’s, Jeff played bass with the “Vintage Blues Band” and enjoyed many other musical collaborations, notably playing bass with Junior Clark and varying personnel in his band, acoustic players devoted to the preservation of genuine old-time mountain music and bluegrass.

Now back to his ancestral homeland in New Mexico, in addition to playing bass with the “Southern Rocky Mountain Band,” Jeff continues his songwriting and solo performances.  In keeping with his belief that music should be made accessible to all, he continues his long-time commitment to bringing music to residents and patients of assisted-living, rehabilitation and hospital facilities.

Jeff hopes that his gratitude to those mentioned here, and many others who influenced him musically, comes through in the music of the “Southern Rocky Mountain Band.”


Tom “Houndog” Romancik, long-time resident of northern New Mexico, was co-founder and lead guitarist of the Desert Voodoo Band which enjoyed 20 years playing in Santa Fe and the surrounding area.  He’s also a studio musician, songwriter, and popular solo artist in northern and central New Mexico, now making a name in southern New Mexico.

He plays guitar, slide, dobro, harmonica, and various other instruments and percussion.