All-American Global Sun Ovebest sun oven photon

As a distributor for Sun Ovens, I sell them for the lowest price the company allows:

$261.15 plus $32.85 shipping = $294.00.

To learn all about them, go to my site.


RattleSnake Fire:  A Memoir of Extra-Dimensional Experience (2nd edition)

This is my memoir, written in 2008, of shamanic experience, childhood trauma-based mind control, government surveillance, anomalous or “alien” experiences, and spiritual healing.

Foreword by consciousness pioneer, Ralph Metzner, who wrote, “Points us to encouraging possibilities…of expanded cosmic consciousness.”

Other praise:  “A tour de force, a monumental accomplishment…not only a work of great literature, but an important historical document, not to be missed.”
— Alfred L. Webre, JD, author of Exopolitics,
Carter White House appointee to develop an ET communications protocol.

“Intellectual honesty… critical discernment… innate integrity.  I love your book!”
— James Gunn, psychotherapist, author of Encounters in the Therapeutic Process.

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.Click the button to buy this book from my author’s page on  $19.95/trade paperback or $4.99/eBook

rattledragon bagsFiber Arts and miscellaneous art/craft items are on my Etsy site here:


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