Why I am a Targeted Individual


I’m a “targeted individual.”  The reason I’ve been targeted is probably my activism.  But it’s probably more.


I was once a minister’s wife, and an activist for everything I thought Good. As a young mother, I hosted a Third World craft holiday party, marched for peace, and organized a regional Peace conference. I subscribed to “radical Christian” magazines like Sojourner, The Other Side, the feminist Daughters of Sarah, and the Christian comedy magazine, Wittenberg Door, and began a World Peacemaker’s group in our city. Attending a Mobilize for Survival conference, I heard for the first time that the FBI was watching people who … and he named five things, all of which I had done … including attend a peace conference and subscribe to Mother Jones. I was surprised but felt on the right side of history.

My husband was uninterested in my scriptural interpretations and how I felt called, and we divorced. Having been verbally abused for ten years, I was manipulated into going back to college so I could have a chance of supporting myself and our kids, and meantime he’d keep them – either that, or he’d disappear with them now. I agreed, but six weeks later snapped, it seemed, as if out of a trance, realizing what I’d done. It took two years, but I prevailed legally to get back, raised them, and they are both happy, successful young adults.

As a single mother, I continued my activism, making it my profession to provide media relations consulting to progressive organizations. After winning a first place UPI award for best radio feature in the Arizona-Utah region, I switched roles in the news industry, providing stories to the newsrooms about my clients – those working to make a better world: ending domestic violence, protecting a sacred mountain, creating community radio, rural health care, and permaculture. For the United Way, the year after an embezzlement scandal, a video I produced inspired the highest increase in donations in the nation.

I also volunteered to organize to save our neighborhood grade school, to stop an inappropriate high-rise development in the neighborhood, organized tree planting, promoted recycling, and served as President of the PTA.  The work to protect the sacred mountain led me to be arrested for civil disobedience, and I spent a harrowing night in the county jail.

Over the next two years, four activists close to me – were seriously targeted in two events. Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney were car-bombed and she was horribly crippled; and a year later Peg Millett and Dave Foreman were framed by the FBI and threatened with prison, and Peg went in for five years.  I provided her phone support for three years, and my second husband and I discovered we had spies in our house, all my keys were stolen, and our phone line was obviously tapped. Hoping to make life simpler and to be a better mother, I quit my business and found a job.  Then everything crashed in one week.

My son was diagnosed with cancer, my health insurance company went bankrupt, my second husband and I decided to divorce, he refused to move, forcing me to, I found myself unable to concentrate at work and found myself coming back to consciousness, unsure when I’d lost it. One day I went to the basement to cry, but began screaming instead, and couldn’t stop, even when it felt like I might break a blood vessel and either bleed to death or drown, and then I could only scream more quietly in between panicked explanations to the counselor the Help Hotline, who calmed me down, after which I soon became catatonic.

Over the next few years, I’d have my world view rearranged radically. I knew I was probably a genius. I knew I didn’t do very well socially. I knew I had some strange experiences I’d never spoken of, which haunted me. Suddenly a whirl of weird scraps of my life rose up and made sense with flashbacks that came unbidden, unwelcome, but real: I had been sexually abused as a child, and as is common, I had split my mind and become a multiple personality, somehow fairly well integrated and successful.

The mystery of how I could be so well integrated was solved the next decade when I realized my abuse had been part of the CIA mind control programming, involving the military, the Mormon Church (my mother’s heritage, where I was made to attend sporadically), and maybe Hollywood and Masons – all coincidentally connections of my parents.

I realized I still have alters functioning on command of someone not me – such a horrifying idea, I spent many years considering suicide, but eventually decided that humility must make us pause when we think we know anything with that much certainty.

My earliest memories are of lying in bed, alone, remembering my dreams, wondering about them, feeling connected to my dog and cats, various trees and plants, and wishing my family on the other dimension would come get me for another short visit, as they did now and then on their own schedule, never mine. Sometimes an angel child would visit me here, but I liked best when they took me there. Eventually, I learned not to talk about these things, and I quit acting on the knowledge, quit talking to the other side, and forgot how trees and dogs and cats can communicate.

As a young adult I’d decided to learn about all the world’s religions. As I’d set that intention, I was invited to young adult event at a Christian church, and there I had an amazing experience with Jesus. I’d just heard five parables of Jesus which painted him as anti-violent, anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-materialist, and anti-doctrinaire. My rational brain was thoroughly sold, but my body’s brain was blown away by what felt like a memory of knowing Jesus – from thousands of years ago.

To be continued….

Mind Control, Shamanism, and our Future: What are the connections between mind control and shamanism, and what do they teach us about our future?

Both shamanism and mind control involve altered states of consciousness, which are often traumatically-induced, and often result in dissociation and multiple personalities, sometimes insanity, and almost always unusual skills valuable to the community or those in power.

Differences between mind control and shamanism teach us a great deal about the current state of our world and where we could be heading.

Personal lifetime experiences as a mind control subject and shamanic initiate are given context by ancient mystical practices around the globe and contemporary history of American experimentation on the human mind.

Ralph Metzner, Ph. D., psychologist and professor emeritus, California Institute of Integral Studies, writes “Jean Eisenhower brings the fierce intelligence of a spiritual warrior to her quest,” and praises my memoir for “point[ing] us to these encouraging possibilities… of expanded cosmic consciousness.”