rattledragon bags

These dressy, natural-fiber handbags and medicine bags were crafted of recycled natural-fiber velvets and velours, roadkill rattlesnake skin (cured myself with vegetable glycerine), gold glass beads, and cotton, rayon, and silk thread and cord.  A series of 13 large bags and eight medicine bags, they were created in 2003-4, juried into a few art shows and galleries in Arizona and New Mexico.  Two remain and can be seen at my Etsy store.


IMG_2622“The Bird Nest Bag,” of natural-color, Peruvian “eco-wool,” knitted and felted for strength,  March 2015.


Two small knitted bowls of locally hand-spun yarn, March 2015.

gnome bag finished 2

“Gnome Bag” of natural-color, Peruvian “eco-wool,” knitted and felted for strength.  6″ high.  2015.

IMG_5331When my natural wool steering wheel cover died, I replaced it with a cable-knitted cover of my own design.  2015.



beaded britches copy

“Beaded Britches” of reclaimed cotton velour and madras sewn on the diagonal, with beaded and embroidered pockets with personal iconography.  2003.

medicine bag

“Medicine bag” of crocheted cotton with button in gift card and envelope.  2015.


More photos will be added later.