My personal favorites:

2013 or Year One Almanac, Datebook & Journal, as well as 2012, 2004, and 2003 editions, called “unique, delightful, entertaining, instructive, and handsome.”

2009, “Re-Making Our Economy – Our Way”

Solar Inspiration

Article inspired by Peter Tompkins #1 Best-Seller) The Secret Life of Nature“Paracelsus, Rudolph Steiner, and Aliens.”


2008, RattleSnake Fire: a memoir of extra-dimensional experience, called “a tour de force… a monumental accomplishment… not only a work of great literature, but an important historical document… not to be missed!”

2007, “Overview of an Ignored Reality,” summary of Pulitzer Prize winner Dr. John Mack’s #1 Best Selling Abductions:  Human Encounters with Aliens.


2000, The Roadgrader

1994, Tree Hugger”

“Don’t Shoot the Drummer: an Interview with Darryl Cherney,” published by Canadian Dimension.

1993, awarded second-place “Martindale Award,” for a short story titled “Bandylegs’ Wife Plays the Pennywhistle.”

1992, “Backlash ‘Deadly Serious” in the Tucson Citizen, about the FBI harassment of activists in Tucson defending Mount Graham.

1989, “Death by Mountain Lion,” in Earth First! Journal, also syndicated on Pacifica Radio‘s Earth on the Air, later republished as chapbook, “Last Vision Quest.”

1989 – 1991, launched and co-edited the international trade magazine Permaculture Drylands Journal, articles of that era still archived online today.

1989-1991, Our Health Clinics quarterly newsletter for United Community Health Clinics, found to have exceptional readership of over 90% of the county.

1993, First Place in the United Press International Arizona-Utah chapter for “Best Radio Feature,” plus two other local news awards.

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